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If you can buy something made with minimal processing from a plant, you should be able to make/grow your own.

Washington state is the only state that currently allows adult use and purchase while restricting home growing. SB 5155 and HB 1131 could remedy this oversight by allowing growing 6 plants per adult with a limit of 15 per household. Note that these limits match what are allowed currently for REGISTERED MEDICAL CANNABIS PATIENTS ONLY.

Here's the rub though... current law allows law enforcement to seize your property if you are growing 5 plants or have more than 1 lb of cannabis, because this is what is legally defined as a "commercial amount". This doesn't obviously happen frequently, but it *does* happen, I know multiple patients who have had property seized when they were not growing commerically, all that needs to happen is law enforcement *suspecting* it, for whatever reason.

In theory, this could provide a large loophole for law enforcement seizures of property from law abiding citizens who are merely growing their own cannabis. Law enforcement could abuse this loophole to profit from the seized property.

There's a fix! Contact your reps and ask them to (my suggestion) increase the amount considered "commercial property". If 15 plants if allowed in a household, that seems a reasonable amount to consider at the limit for a commercial amount.

Second issue: ask them to drop the registration component. No one has to register to make their own beer or wine, or to grow plants in their garden.

While you're at it, I also strongly recommend that Washington State increase the plant counts allowed for medical patient grows! It is very difficult for patients to grow enough to use fresh cannabis like juicing, concentrates for serious medical conditions or even to simply have a good rotation of plants that allows for healthy genetics or multiple strains with our current limitations. If other adults can have 6, I believe that patient rights should start with larger allowable amounts, 10 sounds a reasonable starting point with up to 45 for patients with "extreme need". Also, ask them to drop the registration component. Registries are for criminals and sex offenders!


I'd love to hear what you think! Let me know what you think about the homegrow bill, forfeiture/commercial property rules AND increasing grow amounts for medical patients?


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