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Dr. Selena Eon was born into a health-minded family that includes multiple health care providers. Dr Selena’s interest in natural health began in early childhood when her father, Dr Dean Howell ( was a student in the first graduating naturopathic medicine class at Bastyr University (


After struggling with her health and weight for several years and her eventual diagnosis with celiac disease in 2000, Dr Selena developed a keen interest in nutrition. She soon began to volunteer for the Gluten Intolerance Group of North America ( in order to further refine her understanding of the gluten-free diet and gluten-associated medical conditions. Dr Selena earned a B.S. in nutrition with a whole foods focus from Bastyr University in 2002, serving as the elected commencement speaker at her graduation. She delved deeper into the human body for another 5 years to become the first second-generation naturopathic physician to graduate from Bastyr University in 2007.


Dr Selena continued tweaking her lifelong health experiment and eventually lost 65 lbs of body fat while dramatically increasing her energy and fitness after finding a right combination of diet and exercise for her unique body. Dr Selena excels at developing health plans for one-of-a-kind bodies utilizing a collaborative, thoughtful and creative approach. Dr Selena understands that teaching and implementing appropriate nutrition, improving lifestyle choices, managing chronic pain, correcting biochemical imbalances, correcting skeletal & structural imbalances and delving into psycho-emotional issues are equally important factors for optimizing health. Dr Selena believes strongly in patient education and developing a working relationship with all her patients. She has spent countless hours advocating for the rights of her medical cannabis patients in WA state and is pleased to continue working with medical cannabis patients. 


Dr. Selena Eon’s hobbies include sewing, gluten-free/low carb whole foods based cooking & baking, creating recipes, reading, piano, hiking, rock climbing, and yoga.

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