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I am joining Market Place Naturopathic!

I'm excited to be joining an innovative clinic in downtown Seattle on Thursdays: Market Place Naturopathic.

I will be focusing on specialized complimentary care at Market Place, however, all my patients are welcome to come see me there. I am particularly excited to join Dr Zweben and Dr Kerns at this practice as they specialize in treatment of mold, mycotoxin, Lyme, co-infections, and complex chronic illness- populations I believe are underserved in most clinics. I believe that my knowledge of complimentary therapies has much to offer the patient population at Market Place Naturopathic. Additionally, my patient population will also benefit from their knowledge and offerings. Market Place Naturopathic has medical ozone, IV and injection therapies. I trained in medical ozone but never set my clinic up to utilize this knowledge so I am looking forward to offering this healing therapy to my patients.

I continue to work with all medical cannabis patients at Market Place Naturopathic, including in-person or telemedicine Compassionate Care renewals of my current patients from Origin Holistic and Patients for Patients Medical. All patients who have established care with me elsewhere and who have been seen by me in the past 2 years are welcome to schedule as returning patients at Market Place Naturopathic. If it has been more than two years, I recommend a new patient appointment to re-establish care.

Neurocranial Restructuring (NCR) is offered at Market Place Naturopathic. As I will only be in on Thursdays, 4 consecutive day treatment series are not an option at Market PlaceNaturopathic. Patients are encouraged to schedule weekly appointments for a series of 4-6 treatments, or as you are able to come in. Patients who desire a 4 day series may choose to come to Origin Holistic on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday with their additional treatment day at Market Place Naturopathic on Thursday.

I will also be utilizing medical peptide therapy at Market Place Naturopathic. Peptides are an innovative form of medicine that can be used to help stimulate healing of acute and chronic injuries, improve cognition and brain power, improve appearance, and reduce the negative effects of aging.

I look forward to seeing you at Market Place Naturopathic on Thursdays!

-Dr Eon


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