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Medical Cannabis Appointment ------> Frequently Asked Questions, Answered!

Can you renew my authorization? If I signed a previous authorization for you, yes, you can have your authorization renewed by me! Schedule a Compassionate Care Renewal (telemedicine/phone) or a 30 minute in office appointment. If your current authorization from me has been expired for more than 1 year, you'll need a new patient appointment. If your authorization is from another doctor and you have not seen me in the past, you need a new patient appointment.

Are you accepting new patients? Yes! I welcome all current and prospective medical cannabis patients with appropriate recent care of you qualifying condition(s). Schedule a new patient (60 minute) appointment in office or telemedicine. I will discuss documentation with you at your appointment once I know more about your medical history. I try to make obtaining necessary documentation easy and have online release of information forms you can sign so I can contact your doctor(s) directly. If you have questions before your first appointment, schedule a 15 minute complimentary discovery call so I can answer your questions directly. Alternatively, you can schedule to see me at Qwibil in Tacoma or Market Place Naturopathic in Seattle near Pike Place Market. Contact those offices directly for appointments. Please note that rates differ at these offices.

What if I don't qualify? Do I still pay for the appointment? If you aren't sure, schedule a 15 minute complimentary call with Dr Eon (available in the Online Scheduling on our website!) and based on your conversation, I will tell you if you will fit under the appropriate legal requirements for medical cannabis patients. The second screening method is the online intake form. When you schedule, it is automatically sent to you. When we receive these, I personally review each intake and if you don't qualify, we will let you know and cancel your appointment. It benefits you to submit your intake form in advance so there is time to review it. You appointment fee is charged at time of service, not when you schedule.

Do I have to come to Bellevue? If you are able to come to my office in Bellevue, I’d love to see you in person! I spread out in person appointments and have pandemic protocols in place for your protection. If you’ll already be in the Seattle area for another reason, add your renewal to your itinerary so I can see your face. Alternatively, you can schedule to see me at Qwibil in Tacoma or Market Place Naturopathic in Seattle. Contact those offices directly for appointments. Please note that rates differ at these offices.

Can I do this appointment over telemedicine? If you can’t come to my office, the law changed recently to allow renewals over telemedicine for patients who have a health condition worsened by travel to the office, and for patients under a stay at home order where non essential travel is not recommended. These are called “Compassionate Care Renewals”. If you want a telemedicine renewal, please schedule the “Compassionate Care Renewal” appointment.

Can you call me on the phone for my appointment? If you do not have access to a device with a webcam and microphone for telemedicine, I can call you instead. Please note this on your appointment so I will know to call you.

Can you refill prescriptions and order labs or imaging for me? In some cases, I can act as your primary care, including refilling prescriptions and managing some chronic conditions. I can provide more advice and care than at Patients for Patients as these are longer appointments.

How do I get my paperwork if I have a telemedicine or phone appointment? I mail your authorization. I will need a signed copy of the authorization after you receive it. I enclose a letter explaining how you can return this copy to me with the authorization.

Can you bill my insurance? Insurance billing is available for some plans, check yours to see if Selena Eon, ND is in network for you. I also bill out of network to get reimbursement for you if you have out of network benefits.

What does it cost? All of my appointment fees are transparently listed in the online scheduling system. Renewals not expired more than 1 year are $125. I match all Patients for Patients fees- all new patients referred by a member of the P4P family are seen at a discounted rate of $175. You will need to ask for this discount at the time of service and mention specifically who referred you.

Why do I have to enter a credit card number to schedule? Although a credit, debit, FSA or HSA card is required to schedule, nothing is charged to this card until the appointment time. It is required to hold the appointment time. If you miss your appointment, there is a $50 missed appointment fee that is charged to the card on file. If you do not have a card, you will need to text, call or email to schedule.

I don’t want to use a credit card to pay for my appointment. If you prefer to send payment by mail, you can do so. I will hold your authorization until payment is received. If you come into the office you can provide cash or a money order. Exact change is appreciated.

I used to get a discount on my renewal. Do you still have those? For patients on disability, very low income or veterans: there is a 25% discount available. Be sure to remind the doctor of your status at the appointment. I will need copies of your determination or proof of income on file to offer this discount. They can be sent to the office or uploaded to the patient portal after your appointment. I cannot offer any additional discounts.

It’s been a while since I saw you, what appointment do I need? If your authorization has been expired for more than 1 year, you need to schedule a new patient appointment instead of a renewal.

Do you have my old records? Do you have my PTSD diagnosis on file? All of your Patients for Patients records are on file. You do not need to provide these again!

Why did I get emailed an intake form even though I’ve seen you before. Even if you have established care with me in eastern WA, you will need to complete our easy online intake forms. They are created to cover many subjects, you can skip any that don’t apply to you. You will not need to complete this form again next year.

What medical records do you need? Although you need medical care at least yearly for your own best health, you do not need to provide your current medical information ahead of time. I will discuss your exact situation with you during the appointment. Sometimes I can use your prescription history (downloaded from the pharmacy) to prove current care, saving you some hassle! When needed, I have online release of information forms you can complete so that I can get your updated, current records after the appointment. I will set you up for patient portal access during your appointment so you can easily upload any documentation you have available.

How do I get a designated provider set up? Your provider no longer needs to be present at your appointment. I will need their full name, birthdate and address to put them on your documentation. It's that simple now! If you are under 18, you must have your designated provider (parent or legal guardian) present at your appointment.

I lost my authorization. What do I do? Contact the office by the Elation Passport Portal, text, email or voice. There is a $10 charge for replacement authorization forms. I will email you an online payable invoice, or you can send payment to the office.

I want to change the number of plants on my authorization. If you have not registered, you can do so and have 6 plants. If 6 plants is not enough, please schedule a 15 minute appointment (not a complimentary discover call), either in office or telemedicine/phone. This appointment is needed to document a change in your authorization status. Additional medical documents may be needed. When needed, I have online release of information forms you can complete so that I can get your updated, current records after the appointment.


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