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Patients for Patients renewal? Dr Eon is here for you!

Schedule online for your medical cannabis renewal appointment.

If you have a health condition worsened by travel to the office, chronic illness or you are under a stay at home order, schedule a COMPASSIONATE CARE RENEWAL, which is over telemedicine or phone. You'll find this in the "Online Scheduling" above this message. 

Frequently Asked Questions about your Cannabis renewal answered here! 

Insurance coverage and payment methods:

Dr Eon is credentialed as In-Network with Regence, Premera and First Choice Network. As plans vary, we recommend that you verify that Dr Eon is in network with your plan prior to scheduling your appointment. We find that occasionally other plans are administered by the plans Dr Eon is In-Network with. Occasionally plan websites provide incorrect information, it can be helpful to call your company and verify coverage. If your other plan covers Dr Eon specifically, we can bill In-Network for you.

If you have Out-Of-Network coverage, you will need to pay our time of service fees. We will bill your insurance company so they can reimburse you directly as dictated in your Out-Of-Network coverage. In some cases you may be reimbursed for all our fees, but this does vary widely between plans so you’ll want to check in with them in order to know what to expect.

If you do not have insurance coverage, Origin Holistic offers excellent time of service fees, the maximum discount dictated in our insurance contracts. For your convenience, all fees are listed on the online scheduling system.


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