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We here at Origin Holistic recognize the complexities that go into a healthy diet and lifestyle that lead to a healthy weight.  Losing and maintaining weight is about so much more than just “dieting”.  Many factors influence weight gain in the American lifestyle which includes looking at diet, exercise, hormones, stress, and side-effects of medication.  When you work with the doctors here we guide you towards a healthier lifestyle using some of the methods listed below.

Delicious dinner


Recognizing that inflammation from food can lead to weight gain is key in maintaining your health and optimal weight.  We start with a blood IgG Food Sensitivity panel to see what foods are promoting inflammation in your body.  This test looks at 96 common foods that promote inflammation in the body which can lead to weight gain.  The foods must be eliminated for 1-3 months and a diet and protocol is given to heal the body and bring down the inflammation that leads to weight gain.  



We recommend that you start tracking your diet and exercise on Myfitnesspal and bring your diet diary in every 2-4 weeks to be reviewed by the doctors.  This is the best way to introduce dietary changes in a safe and permanent way to maintain a healthy weight.  During this time food and hormone testing may be recommended.


Dr Eon is excited to offer treatment with medical peptides and medications. These tools help when diet and lifestyle changes aren't quite enough. They are NOT a substitute for addressing diet and lifestyle! Peptides and hormone optimization helps increase fat loss, support lean muscle mass, reduce inflammation, increase metabolic rate and decrease appetite. Dr Eon utilizes bio-identical hormones, thyroid optimization, sermorelin/glycine, MIC, Phentermine, Buproprion/Naltrexone and more. 


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