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At Origin Holistic we work with people who have existing health concerns, and our aim is to address the health of the whole person, not just treat the disease.  By supporting the health of the whole body, an eventual decrease in symptoms and overall health can be achieved.  Sometimes, the resolution of symptoms can take longer than conventional methods because the body requires time to truly heal.  However, the results are longer lasting and well worth it.  Areas of specialty include: natural pain management, minor surgery, weight loss, IV therapy, digestive dysfunction, dermatology, and hormone balancing.

​Digestive Issues/Food Allergies

Many people find themselves with digestion issues such as:

  • Gas and bloating

  • Constipation and/or diarrhea

  • Upset stomach and cramping

  • Food allergies or Intolerances

  • General Fatigue

  • General Inflammation


These are often related to inflammation due to diet, in particular food allergies or sensitivities.  Doing a food elimination diet to reduce inflammation and identify food sensitivities can help with these issues and.  We typically do food sensitivity testing using blood measuring IgG levels.  Click here for more info on the testing used.  


NCR - Neurocranial Reconstruction

  Dr Eon was trained by the founder of NCR, Dr. Howell in 2007 and has been practicing and improving this uniquely effective therapy ever since. NCR offers a different approach to solving problems that traditional chiropractic and craniosacral adjustments attempt to solve. Unlike chiropractic adjustments, NCR acts directly to the skull and adjusts the cranial bones.  Craniosacral by comparison is a gentle technique, with NCR offering more power to adjust the cranial bones. NCR is effective for a variety of conditions, and after more than a decade of experience Dr Eon has found NCR to be particularly useful for treating breathing problems such as decreased airflow through the nostrils, traumatic brain injuries, whiplash injuries, chronic sinusitis, migraines, headaches, and pain caused by skeletal misalignment.

  Dr Eon is the only doctor who will bill your insurance for NCR treatment and the only doctor practicing NCR full-time in the greater Seattle area. Dr Eon will work along with your other healthcare providers, or act as your natural medicine specialist.  

  Dr Eon will work with you to develop the best treatment schedule for your unique medical needs at your first appointment. If you are new to NCR treatment, Dr Eon strongly recommends scheduling a first appointment to establish care and allow Dr Eon to create a personalized NCR treatment plan. If it is not convenient to come to the office for a first appointment prior to scheduling NCR treatments, Dr Eon also offers a free 15 minute consultation where you have the opportunity to briefly share your health history so Dr Eon can determine if NCR is appropriate for you. This can be particularly helpful if you do not live close to the Seattle area.

Trigger Point Injections

Trigger point injections or mesotherapy is a relatively non-invasive, painless, and safe superficial French injection technique for medical and cosmetic concerns.  Natural substances like Traumeel are injected into the mesoderm (only 3-6 mm under the skin) for the treatment of medical conditions such as chronic and acute pain, tendonitis, and arthritis.  Click here to read more about Traumeel Injections.  

Medical Cannabis

  Dr. Eon is recognized as a medical cannabis expert and has been working with medical cannabis patients since 2010 both in Western and Eastern Washington. She has been extensively involved in supporting patient rights in the state Legislature and Senate and with the Department of Health through the passage of SB5052 and beyond.


  Dr Eon is very knowledgeable about the legalities of medical cannabis use, and will counsel you on appropriate use methods and available products and will work in concert with your other health care providers. You have finally found the rare health care provider who can manage your chronic disease, order appropriate tests and can provide medical cannabis authorization.  Dr Eon is pleased to offer medical cannabis authorizations as a service to patients with documentation of your current diagnosis and care. Dr Eon can take on management of your care, and can join your health care team by working with your other provider(s).

Hormone Balancing

Our doctors are experts in testing and checking for hormone imbalances such as thyroid, adrenals, and sex hormones.  If your hormones are out of balance it can lead to chronic conditions including fatigue, insomnia, weight gain, depression, hot flashes, and headaches.  Out doctors do testing via bloodwork and/or saliva to determine the source of issues and apply therapies that include diet, hormone therapy, herbal medicine, and nutritional supplements to help your body maintain health and feel your best.

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