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  Dr Eon is recognized as a medical cannabis expert and has been working with medical cannabis patients since 2010 both in Western and Eastern Washington. She has been extensively involved in supporting patient rights in the state Legislature and Senate and with the Department of Health through the passage of SB5052 and beyond.


  Dr Eon is very knowledgeable about the legalities of medical cannabis use, and will counsel you on appropriate use methods and available products and will work in concert with your other health care providers. You have finally found the rare health care provider who can manage your chronic disease, order appropriate tests and can provide medical cannabis authorization.  Dr Eon is pleased to offer medical cannabis authorizations as a service to patients with documentation of your current diagnosis and care. Dr Eon can take on management of your care, and can join your health care team by working with your other provider(s).

  Medical cannabis appointments are billed the same as all other office appointments. There are no additional fees. Insurance billing is also available for plans Dr Eon is in-network with. Origin Holistic also offers out of network billing for patients with coverage; you will initially pay for the appointment at the time of service and then we will bill your insurance to help you get reimbursed for the appointment fees.

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